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Planning & Guidance

From initial drawings through to planning applications and funding, we help to deliver a structured project plan and can draw on a network of like-minded partner professionals to tailor each project’s roadmap to completion.

Initia provides single point contact for client development needs, together with the guidance and assistance required to steer them safely through the whole planning and development process, supported by associated companies and selected key professionals who we have worked alongside where required.

Our core team of focused, friendly and committed individuals has a wealth of experience and incorporates the provision of design, development and contract delivery for our expanding client base.

Since our establishment in 2012 Initia has been responding to the needs of our business partners and clients old and new. Utilising the highest levels of expertise in all phases of contract development from Project Appraisal, Concept Design, Design Development, Planning, Cost Management, and Project Implementation, to Delivery. The Initia team will guide and assist your organisation with an initial opportunity appraisal and market overview, produced with the benefit of expert and relevant design concept development within agreed budgetary constraints.

Over thirty years of Town Planning success has put Initia in the position of being one of the most successful practises for achieving approvals to its projects on behalf of its clients in its own right although we are very happy to work alongside expert planning consultants in cases of difficult or controversial sites with a complex background. To this end Initia can introduce several such consultants with whom we have an established relationship to join the project team as required.